Blogs & Case Studies

New Drives for Johnson Controls

Replacing a constant volume system with variable frequency drives

Lighting Update for Goodrich Building

Reducing kWh saves $16,000 per year.

Retrofit for Another Distributor

Fixing a failed retrofit saves money and improves safety.

Lighting Update for Chemeketa Community College

Replacing outdated lighting saves thousands of dollars.

Lighting Update for Don Nakata Pool

Increasing foot candle levels while eliminating maintenance costs

Lighting Update for West Hills Kia

Dealership finds massive energy savings with new LED system

LED Technology Rapidly Improving

Energy savings increase as LED technology improves.

A Huge Win for the Solar Industry!

Exciting news out of the US Congress

Case Study: Youth Center Gymnasium

75% energy savings for youth center gymnasium

Light Pollution

What is light pollution and how can we reduce it?

LED Basics

What is an LED and how does it work?

Meeting Energy Demands in the Northwest

The plan for reducing energy consumption in the PNW.